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4x8' ZIP System™ Roof 5/8" OSB

by ZIP System®

McCoy's Part #: 02100550
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ZIP System® roof sheathing is designed specifically to address the growing need for home performance, comfort and energy efficiency, and is the optimal solution for structural sheathing, moisture management and superior air barrier performance, all in one.
  • Zip System provides a built in moisture barrier eliminating felt paper and H-Clips
  • Zip System quickly cuts off moisture from inside your project
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Lies flat under roof coverings for a consistent roofline
  • Prevents expensive rework due to torn felt
  • Provides an instant 120-day rough dry-in, allowing builders to schedule subcontractors sooner
  • Shingles or tiles can be applied directly to the panels
  • Fastening guide clearly marked on panels
  • Recognized by the International Code Council as a water-resistive barrier
  • Zip System Tape Gun or Tape Roller